Monday, November 22, 2010

"Absolutely outstanding"

"Absolutely outstanding". Foi o comentário de alguém no Youtube sobre o vídeo abaixo.

Toda a missa está no Youtube!


lpereira said...

Não gosto muito disso. Para mim, o Requiem de Mozart é belíssimo, mas é completamente inadequado para uma missa "de verdade".

Syriacus said...

Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese. I'm Italian, though :)

It was me who commented soo enthusiastically about that recording/footage on Youtube.
I can understand objections about Mozart's Requiem for an actual Mass. In fact, I sang many times the gregorian proper, and never Mozart, liturgically. Keep in mind, though, that in this video you see the old rite of the catholic Mass, that of the times of Mozart. But of course the common sensibility changed over centuries.

Maybe you're right, and I see your point.. Nevertheless, for me it remains 'outstanding' in many respects.

That said, greetings from Italy, and congratulations for the 'absolutely nice' blog :)